We did it! Thanks to your incredible generosity and support, the 5th annual Jessie Games reached our goal of raising $35,000! It’s been an incredible five years — and we’ve raised more than $135,000 — but we’re not done yet. We’re already looking ahead to next year, making it bigger and better!

All proceeds from the Jessie Games support children’s programs offered through Catholic Charities, including special counseling for youth experiencing loss and trauma as well as a back to school program that provides school shoes and clothing.

Here are a few shots from this year’s event. More to come. Everyone had a blast!!

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From the Prayer at The Jessie Games:

We thank God for everyone gathered here, for with your love and grace we have come together to celebrate Jessie. As humans we tend to look to our elders for wisdom and knowledge. But You brought us Jessie and she taught us love, laughter and that to live life is to celebrate in it. Her lessons continue as she brings us together in service of others. In honoring Jessie, please bless all who help and give hope to those in need.