The Jessie Games

The Jessie Games, now in its ninth year, will be held on Aug. 6, from 1 to 4 pm at Cool Springs Sports Complex in Bethel Park. We’re thrilled to be returning to our in-person day of fun, games, races and family-centered activities. This year, too, we are expanding our outreach and welcoming child refugees and their families from Afghanistan.

We hope you can join us to celebrate and continue our mission of helping kids in need. If you can’t make the actual event — although we hope you can!! — you can also help by sponsoring a Catholic Charities family or becoming a donor. Check out our registration and donor pages for more information.


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From the Prayer at The Jessie Games:

We thank God for everyone gathered here, for with your love and grace we have come together to celebrate Jessie. As humans we tend to look to our elders for wisdom and knowledge. But You brought us Jessie and she taught us love, laughter and that to live life is to celebrate in it. Her lessons continue as she brings us together in service of others. In honoring Jessie, please bless all who help and give hope to those in need.

About The Jessie Games:

The Jessie Games seek to preserve the memory of Jessie Egan Smith through a fun, engaging, family-oriented fundraising event that promotes self-confidence for children ages 12 and under.  The Jessie Games and its proceeds will seek to enrich the lives of youth, particularly those in the Pittsburgh area, and nurture their physical and emotional wellbeing.