Jessie Stones, Jewelry and flowers.




Jessie Stone jewelry – pendants, bracelets and earrings and tea light stones – were created by Jessie’s aunt and godmother, Micki Ansberry. Micki also painted water color scenes from Croagh Patrick in Ireland, a mountain climbed by Jessie and her family in 2006. Her parents, brothers and aunt Micki returned in 2015 to place a Jessie stone in the chapel at the top of the mountain. The paintings are also available at the games.


                                                The Story of Jessie Stones

Micki Ansberry translated Jessie’s name into the Ancient Celtic language using the Ogham alphabet, which is found inscribed on stone monuments throughout Ireland. There is no letter “J” in Ogham, so Jessie’s name becomes “Ieise” as seen in the Jessie Games logo.

Micki selected the stones from the shores of Lake Erie and from the beaches of Ireland.

03_lake erie shore (fall) 01_lake erie huron ohio lighthouse 02_lake erie shore (cedar pt in distance)

All the carving is done by hand using the tool pictured below.

06_carving tool 07_in process


08_carved stones   memory card05_close up of light


Cuimhnigh I gcónái
Always remember

Snowdrops are one of the earliest flowers of
the year, often pushing up through the snow,
heralding spring and life. They are the Victorian flower
symbol of Hope. They are tenacious. For those reasons,
they remind us of Jessie.


The alabaster pearl colored flowers dangle from a slightly arched stem over
mounds of bright emerald green leaves. The colors of Ireland.

photo-1 photo-2

Snowdrop bulbs can be ordered at the Jessie Games. Because when you’re
winter weary, those lovely, tenacious flowers, will push up
through the winter snow and remind you of the promise of spring,
of rebirth, hope, and of our beloved Jessie.

Cuimhigh I gcónái
Always remember